Looking for likeminded healthcare innovators to help us fullfil the potential of Self-care!

Open Innovation is at the core of Bayer’s success and we are therefore excited to work with you!

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We believe that self-care is all encompassing – mind, body, and spirit – and should be an achievable priority for anyone. There is no one size fits all when it comes to self-care, so let’s change the way we’re innovating!

We’re looking to collaborate with like-minded healthcare innovators to help us fulfill the potential of self-care through our Bayer G4A Generator program. Together, we’ll tackle top challenges to better assist our consumers needs in achieving wellness.


Better lives by bringing your ideas to life.

Chronic diseases are on the rise. Healthcare costs are soaring. We’re living longer. So how do we adapt? Our G4A Generator is looking to develop a network of collaborators who enable self-care by addressing the common barriers that prevent consumers from living better, healthier lives.

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