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Our innovation challenges!

Apply today to partner with Bayer to deliver self-care solutions to consumers. Bayer gets your expertise and niche insights. YOU get:

  • Visibility with the world’s largest LifeScience company
  • Entrée into Bayer’s G4A innovation community
  • Finalists receive a chance to pitch May 24th (Save the Date!) in front of a panel of Bayer and Industry Experts in NYC
  • Winners receive a cash prize and a Letter of Intent to close a project deal with Bayer


We are looking for entrepreneurs and organizations with:

  • Interesting and differentiated IP and technologies
  • Unique business models
  • Promising products innovative for the U.S. market
  • Unique start-ups and brands that meet emerging consumer needs in key self-care categories


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Our innovation challenges!

Nutrition support

Nutrition support that engages millennials by addressing their nutritional needs and solving their current frustrations

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Millennials have busy lifestyles but their more holistic view of health means they place a high value on their overall health, preferring clean living and ‘natural’ solutions. They are also focused on optimizing their potential health-wise and as such are looking for nutritional supplements to help them get what they are not getting from their diet.  This includes getting the right nutrients for key benefits they need including but not limited to those that: reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, support energy levels and immunity, and help control weight.

The solution(s) Bayer Consumer Health is looking for should take into consideration the following (It doesn't necessarily need to include ALL the below points):

  • Empower and encourage millennials to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle and determine the right balance of nutrients to meet their unique needs
  • Inspire millennials to invest in their health and wellness today to ensure a healthier tomorrow.
  • Educate about which vitamins and supplements are good for specific benefits they seek (i.e. what’s the right combination, what does each do)
  • Personalize and tailor to millennials’ dietary needs, lifestyle and desired benefits (not just in terms of the nutritionals products themselves but also the way the information gets to them and how it’s delivered)
  • Help millennials remember to take their supplements and to purchase and refill

Bayer Consumer Health is interested in the following different innovation areas:

  • Service model - how to purchase and get the product delivered
  • Form of the product - something different than a pill or gummy, unique ingredients or delivery methods
  • How to market the product through a unique positioning or communication approach

The ideal solution could be natural, herbal/botanical, medical device, digital health etc.

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External pain managment

External pain management solutions with the strength to support people with persistent pain through their day and night

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The pain journey is multi-dimensional with 4 phases: prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery. People experience pain differently and need solutions tailored to their specific needs, as no one size fits all. People with frequent pain are not looking for a cure but for solutions that provide them with more

Bayer Consumer Health wants to help people suffering from frequent pain (body, back, neck, shoulders, joints – hip, elbow and knee) to manage their pain and provide them long lasting relief during the day and night. We want to empower them to fully do what they want and need to do.

The solution(s) Bayer Consumer Health is looking for should help frequent pain sufferers with the following (Please note the applying solution does not need to include ALL of the below points):

  • Take actions against pain at an earlier stage
  • Help address pain at the source and provide long lasting relief so they can actively live their lives
  • Educate people about symptoms, triggers and overall health-focused solutions so they can proactively manage their pain and general well-being
  • Provide tools to empower people to effectively self-diagnose and treat their pain
  • Provide tools to self-treat pain more completely by leveraging the relationship between mind and body
  • Improve sleep quality to optimize healing process

Bayer Consumer Health is interested in the following different innovation areas:

  • Service model - how to purchase and get the product delivered
  • Form of the product – in forms beyond the pill, unique ingredients or delivery methods
  • How to market the product through a unique positioning or communication approach

The solution(s) could be topical, patches, electronic devices, digital therapeutics, etc

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Digital Self-care Solutions

Empower consumers to take care of themselves in a holistic way for greater wellness

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Self-care is all that you do to achieve wellness and consists of a range of activities – from daily maintenance to occasional treatment - focused on body and mind. Self-care is highly personal and everyone has their own journey with unique goals and activities that fit their lifestyles and needs.

Bayer Consumer Health is looking for self-care solutions that empower consumers to confidently manage their own health and wellness needs. The solution(s) should embed the customization of ‘hopper’, the support of ‘Weight Watchers’, the convenience of ‘Amazon Prime’ and the connectivity of 'Peloton' to meet consumers’ own health & wellness goals.

The solution(s) Bayer Consumer Health is looking for should focus on the following goals:

  • Help people identify what is right for them regarding their self-care
  • Make it easy for people to achieve their self-care goals
  • Enable people to self-motivate by making conscious decisions to ‘stay the course’

The ideal solution(s) should include the following features (It doesn't necessarily need to include ALL the below points):


  • Take a holistic approach
  • Fit easily in people’s lifestyle
  • Include pro-active (prevention) and reactive (treatment) actions


  • Collect relevant and actionable measurements in a simple and meaningful way and help people make sense of the data collected
  • Coach people to success: offer a support to help them break down goals into simple achievable steps
  • Act as a ‘Curator’: provide information that is personalized for consumers about their health and wellness


  • Have a support community component
  • Create engaging and enjoyable experience for the user
  • Include a large range of activities – daily routines & occasional actions


  • Beyond the pill solution
  • Integrate and play well with innovative technologies like Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, Chatbots, connected devices, wearables, etc
  • Gamification element would be a plus
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Skin and sun protection

Sun protection solutions that deliver a better consumer experience for millennials

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People are concerned about protection from the sun because they believe being outside is important to taking care of themselves. Being outside in the sun is freeing and makes us feel like we’re part of something bigger. However, it comes with risks creating a tension for those who also love to experience the outdoors.

Though millennials in particular lead busy lives, they seek the truly meaningful things in life. They value connections, exploration and experiencing the world. They care about their health, and the health of the planet as well. They want to do good, prefer access to ownership, and seek out small/local brands that are authentic in nature and valuable in showing what they care about. When it comes to protecting themselves from the sun, they seek the same things. They want trusted protection, from a brand that embodies their values.

Bayer Consumer Health wants to help millennials experience a full life outdoors with trusted protection that supports their skin health while offering them a fulfilling and enjoyable skincare experience.

The solution(s) Bayer Consumer Health is looking for should take into consideration the following points to improve millennials’ experience with sun care (It does not necessarily need to include ALL of the below points):

  • Personalize and customize the solution(s) based on a person’s skin type, geography, ethnicity, genetics, lifestyle, etc
  • Deliver healthier, stronger, more beautiful skin while protecting it from the effects of the sun
  • Provide defense against the most common skin-damaging environmental elements (i.e. sun, visible light, pollution, wind, allergens, etc.)
  • Increase millennials’ appeal and conscious engagement through unique and natural ingredients and cause-driven branding
  • Ensure a positive and satisfying usage experience by integrating it into their busy lifestyles
  • Provide consumers the confidence that they are protected and remind them how and when to use protection
  • Educate on benefits and urgency of using sun or environmental protection throughout the year

* If the solution includes a scientific claim (I.e. higher protection level, longer lasting protection etc) it should be scientifically backed up and evidence will need to be provided.

Bayer Consumer Health is interested in the following different innovation areas:

  • Service model - how and where to acquire, purchase or get the product delivered
  • Additional benefits – skin wellbeing benefits in addition to sun protection
  • Form of the product (unique ingredients and/or form, protection level, ease of application)
  • Market the product and engage millennials through a unique positioning or communications approach focusing on natural ingredients and cause-driven branding

The ideal solution could be digital health, medical device, herbal/botanical, natural, innovative packaging or delivery methods.

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